About US

Hunting and fishing are two of my biggest interests. I used to watch youtube videos of hunting and fishing and think to myself, "I really want to do that for a living." So, at the age of 13, I decided to start my first YouTube channel (Bass N Bucks). I started with a head harness and a $150 GoPro hero session. Years of commitment and hard work paid off as I rose in popularity on YouTube and started to earn more money. I stood there watching as my fan base became larger and larger. I made the decision to buy the best vlog camera I could find (Canon g7x mark 3) I also purchased a drone and two of the best GoPro cameras available. My video quality improved noticeably, and I continued to do what I loved. I'd like to help people like you get started on their journey. That is why I provide videography and media marketing subscription services. Each merchandise purchase makes a significant difference in my ability to pursue my objectives. I can't thank each and every one of you enough for your support.

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