STG Media Marketing Subscription

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What this includes: 

- 1 Post per week on youtube (6 min long video)

- 1 Post per week on instagram 

- 1 Post per week on Tik Tok 

- 1 Post on facebook per week

- Engaging with followers and potential new customers 

- Responding to DM's and messages 

- Engaging and joining 5 FB groups

- Filming and producing each post/video.

- Gain up to a million new viewers and eye balls within the first 5 weeks 

If you are not marketing on social media you're missing out of tons of traffic from potential customers. I've seen businesses not on social media then seen them when they are on social media and their sales and exposure double or even triple. It's a no brainer to sign up for the subscription service it is basically an investment into the future of your business. 


 Must be within a 100 mile radius of zip code 78255 San Antonio, TX in order for Bass N Bucks Media to film the video. If not in a 100 mile radius of 78255 zip code you must film the footage yourself and send it into Bass N Bucks Media to be edited and finalized. Any questions regarding this please call or text at (210) 385-8153. 



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